How to Make $60,000 Growing Bamboo

profitable bamboo

Profitable Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most widely-used landscaping plants, which means there is a high demand for good, healthy bamboo plants. You can take advantage of this demand by growing bamboo for profit. Here’s how you can make $60,000 a year growing bamboo:

It’s important to know that growing bamboo is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You certainly won’t make $60,000 overnight. But with some smart choices and hard work, you really can make a nice income. As with any business, it’s recommended you start small. Don’t try to grow too many varieties of bamboo at first, and let your business grow naturally. Soon you could be making $60,000 a year.

So let’s do the math. Container-grown bamboo, on average, sells for $25 each. In a quarter acre, you can fit 2400 plants. Selling 2400 plants priced at $25 a piece will get you $60,000.

When you’re ready to begin, the first thing you need to consider is your climate and environment. If winter temperatures frequently drop below zero F. then you should consider growing something other than bamboo. If winter temperatures consistently stay above zero F. you should be able to grow healthy bamboo plants. To protect your plants from winter temperatures and winds, consider planting them on a slightly-sloping hill that faces south, or in a sheltered area.

Now you need to think about your soil. Is it healthy enough to grow bamboo plants? Most bamboo plants will prefer soil with a neutral pH of around 7. Also, be sure you have plenty of room for your plants. Remember, a quarter acre could make you about $60,000 a year.

So what should you grow? Simply put, you need to grow what sells. For a business to be successful, they need to offer a product that people want to buy. It’s no different for a bamboo business. Visit your local garden center and find out what the top sellers are. Ask landscapers just what they frequently buy and use. If you can sell what they’re looking for at a better price than what they’ve been paying, then you’ll sell a lot of plants.

Once your plants are potted, be sure to give them the care and attention they need. Most bamboo varieties need a lot of sunlight, so be sure to plant them in an area that can provide just that. Also, only use organic fertilizers. You want the bamboo plants to grow up big and strong at a stress-free rate.

When you’re ready to sell your plants, you have many options:

Direct retail sales. If your town allows it, you could sell right out of your backyard nursery. You get paid immediately, and it gives you a chance to interact with customers. Be sure to put out a sign-up sheet for your mailing list, as this is a great way to keep in contact with your customers.

Mail-order sales. Mail-order sales have proved profitable for a lot of growers. Once you’re able to grow a diverse selection of bamboo varieties, put together a flyer, catalog or web site. Place a classified ad in a gardening magazine, and soon those calls will be pouring in.

Bamboo products. There are many products you can make with bamboo, such as vases, fencing, privacy screens and parrot stands. Making and selling bamboo products is your chance to get creative and add value to increase your profits.

Landscapers and garden centers. Selling directly to landscapers and garden centers is a great way to get a lot of repeat business. Plus, landscapers and garden centers usually buy big quantities at a time. Put together a flyer or brochure and start passing it out.

Growing container bamboo and making bamboo products can produce substantial profits. To learn more about this profitable plant, including the best 20 varieties to grow, read Growing Bamboo For Profit.