55 Ways To Earn Extra Income If You’re Over 55

Senior outdoor with tablet PC If the thought of retirement has you concerned about losing a regular pay check and digging into your savings, you have nothing to fear.

If you are still active enough to handle a part-time job, there are a number of opportunities for you that are not centered around the late shift at the local burger joint.

In fact, many employment opportunities exist for seniors where their life experience is valued. In many cases, the desired type of person for the specific job happens to be a senior.

There are home-based businesses you can start with as little as a few hundred dollars for the basic materials such as picture framing, sewing alterations and tutoring.

If you own a vehicle that can assist with a whole different set of part-time or full-time business ideas including a courier service, mystery shopper, senior errand service and a handyman.

Stay at home jobs include babysitting, getting paid to read, growing microgreens, mushrooms or lavender, working from home as a freelancer of with another type of online job, transcribing and as a website tester.

If you prefer being outdoors or travelling, you can find possibilities as a workamper, working at a National Park, house sitting or as a field interviewer.

Maybe the unusual attracts you and there are jobs waiting for you as a human guinea pig, a fake juror or as part of a focus group.

There are a number of different ways to turn your hobby or favorite past time into a stream of income. For example, if you are a collector of any kind you will see the value in buying and selling collectible and out-of-print magazines.

Maybe you have enjoyed using your hands creating different and unique handicrafts that can also be turned into a profitable business venture as well as buying and selling items online. You can use such well-known sources as Craigslist to find deals and turn around and flip them into a small profit. The same is possible with vehicles if you have some mechanical skills.

If your career during your working years is a marketable skill you can turn that into a great part-time or full-time opportunity in your retirement. This could be as a consultant, a life coach/counselor or as a voiceover actor.

Maybe you owned a business that kept you busy throughout your pre-retirement years and now you can scale it down to keep you only as busy and you want to be in your post-working years. This could be as simple as taking your business and altering it so that it becomes a work-at-home position.

There are also online jobs you can hunt for or opportunities where your value rests in helping others in your age group as a senior care aide, senior errand service provider or personal shopper. Working within your peer group may be just what you are looking for.

Or, maybe you have extra space in your home and you can rent a room or two out and earn an extra income with this concept. The possibilities are virtually endless and they are not dependent on your age, level of schooling or previous work experience. Best of all, many have flexible hours that only require the amount of time you are willing to put into them.

For some great ideas to get you started all you have to do is visit ExtraIncomeOver55.com to learn how many other seniors have turned their retirement years into earning years without the stress and pressure of a nine-to-five lifestyle. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create your own unique source of income using the proven tips and ideas there. The hardest part for most is picking which of the many opportunities to pursue!